Why You Want A Gas Log Set

Posted by Monica on 12th Aug 2019

I was in my home for 4 years before I made the decision to buy a gas log. The harsh Michigan winters hit like clockwork and I'd crank up the heat, put plastic over the fireplace to stop the cold air a … read more

Gas Grill Safety Tips

Posted by American Gas Works on 26th Mar 2015

Gas Grill Safety For many the Barbecue Season is here! Let's stay safe by following just a few simple tips. Propane Cylinders - Do not … read more

Choosing The Right Gas Log

Posted by American Gas Works on 6th Nov 2014

How to Choose Gas LogsChoosing gas logs can be simple!  1. Select Fuel Type - Natural Gas or Propane?If your house has natural gas, then select a natural gas burner.  If your house has no na … read more