BBQ Dragon Charcoal Starter - BBQD001

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  • BBQ Dragon Charcoal Starter - BBQD001


The BBQ Dragon is a fire-starting tool, starts charcoal faster than a chimney without using lighter fluid, controls the heat, revives smouldering fires, and heats ceramic cookers to pizzacooking temps in just minutes. It blows large amounts of low-velocity, cool air at fires, providing more oxygen so they burn hotter and faster. It’s cordless, hands-free, and portable so you can use it tailgating and camping, or at the beach. It works for grills, smokers, fire pits, fireplaces, wood stoves, and more.


  • High Powered Fan
  • Inlet & Discharge Grills
  • Flexible Stainless Steel Neck
  • Versatile Spring-Loaded Clamp
  • Variable Speed Motor
  • Micro-USB Port to Recharge
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